• 10cm Jade Glass Round Coaster

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    What better way to get your company details onto your customers desk, the jade glass round coaster is a practical gift that will hopefully be used every day and if its engraved with your contact details there's no way they'll forget your phone number. The coaster is supplied in an individual carton. The coaster can not only be sandblast engraved but also decorated with an etch effect, colour or silver print. Print method offered on the product is Decal (High Fire Colour Printing), Sandblast Engraving, Sub Surface Engraving and Digital Colour Printing. Also available Colour Infill and CGI Colour3D print method contact us for details.

    424940 10cm Jade Glass Round Coaster

    Print type and position

    On Application: 65(d)

    Sub-Surface Engraving
    On Application: 65(d)

    Sandblast Engraving
    On Application: 65(d)

    On Application: 65(d)

    All dimensions are in millimetres




    5mm(w) x 100mm(h)



    Lead time

    12 working days

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