1. 100% cotton bathrobe 220423

    100% cotton bathrobe
    Unisex bathrobe in 100% terry cotton. 280 gr/m2, unique size.

    From£29.41 EACH

  2. 30 ml sun149 lotion SPF30 220792

    30 ml sun149 lotion SPF30
    Sun149 lotion with SPF20 with carabiner. 30ml.

    From£1.60 EACH

  3. 30 pcs wet wipes 220648

    30 pcs wet wipes
    30 pre-moistened cleansing wipes presented in PP container.

    From£1.46 EACH

  4. 5-piece manicure set 220057

    5-piece manicure set
    Manicure set in oval PU pouch. All 5 tools in stainless steel.

    From£3.08 EACH

  5. 6 hand towels in basket 220422

    6 hand towels in basket
    Set of 6 facial or hand towels presented in matching colour PP basket with ribbon. 100% cotton, 330...

    From£11.83 EACH

  6. 6-tool manicure set in pouch 220056

    6-tool manicure set in pouch
    Manicure set in rectangular PU pouch. All 6 tools in stainless steel.

    From£2.75 EACH

  7. Analogical nurse watch 220476

    Analogical nurse watch
    Analogue nurses watch with plastic tag for printing and polyester strap. Water resistant. 1 cell...

    From£5.98 EACH

  8. Bag holder in heart shape 220426

    Bag holder in heart shape
    Metal bag holder in heart shape with shiny finish.

    From£2.14 EACH

  9. Bath towel set 220418

    Bath towel set
    Set of 3 bathroom towels: bath (137x70 cm), hand (70x40 cm) and facial (30x30 cm), wrapped all...

    From£15.55 EACH

  10. Beauty tool set Zebra 189088

    Beauty tool set Zebra
    Beauty tool set in trendy zebra print. The set contains tweezers and nail clippers, tools which...


  11. Blood pressure monitor 220350

    Blood pressure monitor
    Blood pressure monitor in plastic case. 2 AAA batteries included.

    From£24.29 EACH

  12. BMI measuring tape 256321

    BMI measuring tape
    BMI measuring tape in ABS.

    From£1.22 EACH

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