Weather Stations

  1. Como desk weather station 46779

    Como desk weather station
    Desk weather station and alarm clock with snooze function, date and day, backlight, C/F...

    From£6.04 EACH

  2. Indoor/Outdoor Weather Station 187613

    Indoor/Outdoor Weather Station
    In/outdoor weather station with LCD screen and special outdoor sensor. Functions: Time and...


  3. Livorno desk weather clock 46795

    Livorno desk weather clock
    Desk clock with time function, alarm function, snooze function, calendar and C/F thermometer....

    From£4.31 EACH

  4. Philippi - Trio weather station 245826

    Philippi - Trio weather station
    PHILIPPI "TRIO" WEATHER STATION WITH CLOCK. Chrome Plated With Clock, Thermometer and Hygrometer

    From£25.94 EACH

  5. Rimini desk weather station 46769

    Rimini desk weather station
    Desk weather station and alarm clock with snooze function, date and day, C/F thermometer,...

    From£5.57 EACH

  6. TERRELL 220598

    Weatherstation with alarm clock, calendar, date, time, snooze option with foldable stand. 2 AA...

    From£7.50 EACH

  7. Weather station and clock CALOR 237656

    Weather station and clock CALOR
    Weather station CALOR : with thermometer hygrometer humidity and time display blue LED background...

    From£8.40 EACH

  8. weather station California 236398

    weather station California
    Digital clock and weather station with colour display. Functions: alarm clock thermometer...

    From£7.29 EACH

  9. Weather Station 'Larvik' 56627

    Weather Station 'Larvik'
    High-performance radio clock with 12/24 hour display, alarm function with snooze function,...

    From£28.77 EACH

  10. weather station Mauna 236399

    weather station Mauna
    Digital weather station with touch screen buttons and radio frequency outdoor sensor. Functions:...

    From£18.22 EACH

  11. Weather station SUNNY TIMES 237661

    Weather station SUNNY TIMES
    Weather station SUNNY TIMES : with thermometer hygrometer analogue clock and alarm function all 3...

    From£17.48 EACH

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