Promotional Umbrellas, Customised Umbrellas and Printed Corporate Umbrellas

Umbrellas personify protection. It is the ultimate "I care" gift. Promotional umbrellas can be stylish and amazingly high tech. Turn your company logo into a canopy with our custom umbrellas. Our printed umbrellas, such as our Golf Umbrellas, come vented and telescoping, in a wide range of colors and sizes. Cover your marketing bases with an item that everyone needs and appreciates. Have a question? Can't find the right promotional product or custom printed item? Give us a call at 01260 278657, we'd love to help!

  1. Auto Golf Double Canopy AUTOGOLFDOUBLE

    Auto Golf Double Canopy
    Innovative fibreglass framed golf umbrella with automatic opening feature. 75cm rib length,...


  2. Autolux Telescopic Umbrella 1ATX

    Autolux Telescopic Umbrella
    54cm iron stem when open with automatic opening and closing mechanism, 53.5cm aluminium ribs, 97cm...


  3. Autovent Umbrella 002110186

    Autovent Umbrella
    The ever popular and professionally used Supervent is now available with the automatic opening...

    From£15.47 Each

  4. Bedford Golf Umbrella 1BED

    Bedford Golf Umbrella
    Windproof iron stem for increased flexibility and stability in windy conditions, two frame options...


  5. Budget Golf Umbrella BUDGETGOLF

    Budget Golf Umbrella
    75cm full size budget priced golf umbrella with a twin ribbed steel frame in chrome finish and...


  6. Carbon fibre umbrella 182943

    Carbon fibre umbrella
    Polyester automatic umbrella with black fibreglass ribs, carbon fibre shaft and soft rubber handle.

    From£7.97 Each

  7. Classic Golf Umbrella CLASSICGOLF

    Classic Golf Umbrella
    This 75cm golf umbrella is manual opening and has a full fibreglass frame that is lightweight and...


  8. Classic Wood Crook 311113564

    Classic Wood Crook
    Traditional walking umbrella with wooden stem and crooked handle and finished with wooden tips...

    From£7.30 Each

  9. Corporate Gents Walking 002107091

    Corporate Gents Walking
    Walking length umbrella features automatic opening 70cm black fibreglass ribs with 14mm black steel...

    From£13.61 Each

  10. Executive Walker Vented 1XWV

    Executive Walker Vented
    Stormproof fibreglass frame with a UK made vented canopy for increased stability in windy...


  11. Fare Aoc Mini 002110189

    Fare Aoc Mini
    FARE® AOC Mini-Topless-Collapsible umbrella, 53 cm / 8 ribs, automatic opening/closing,...

    From£11.27 Each

  12. Fashion Screen & UV FASHION

    Fashion Screen & UV
    Canopy Shape - Single Round Branding - Pre Dyed Standard Colours Fabric - Premium Weight Polyester...


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