Travel Light

  1. Allegro coin holder key light 178457

    Allegro coin holder key light
    1 Euro sized plastic coin with 6mm hole in holder with single white LED key light. 25mm metal split...

    From£0.45 EACH

  2. Antares key light 46810

    Antares key light
    Slim and lightweight key light with single bright white LED and push button power switch. Metal...

    From£0.56 EACH

  3. Astro key light 148905

    Astro key light
    3 white LED key light. Metal split key ring. Batteries included. Aluminium

    From£1.08 EACH

  4. A-tract magnetic torch 178345

    A-tract magnetic torch
    Flat magnetic torch with two white LED, on-button and arm strap. 2-piece CR2016 button cell...

    From£1.14 EACH

  5. Avior rechargeable USB key light 94053

    Avior rechargeable USB key light
    Single LED rechargeable USB torch with twist-action on off power switch and metal split key chain....

    From£2.66 EACH

  6. Bullet key light 156317

    Bullet key light
    Single white bulb. Push-button on off switch. Metal split key ring. Battery included. PS plastic

    From£0.48 EACH

  7. Carina dynamo key light 46226

    Carina dynamo key light
    2 white LED dynamo key light with on off power switch. This wind up key light torch never burns...

    From£2.16 EACH

  8. Castor beam light 94167

    Castor beam light
    Bright white LED key light with push button. Split metal key ring. Batteries included. ABS plastic

    From£0.37 EACH

  9. Draco key light 46811

    Draco key light
    Bright 5 LED key light with push button power switch. Metal split keyring. Batteries included....

    From£1.08 EACH

  10. Helper illuminator 218926

    Helper illuminator
    Single white LED bulb-shaped light with pull on off power switch. Convenient lamp creating light...

    From£2.99 EACH

  11. Lepus key light 94058

    Lepus key light
    Single white LED key light with torch and light functions. Push button power switch. Pull out the...

    From£1.75 EACH

  12. Lobster key light and bottle opener 148909

    Lobster key light and bottle opener
    3 white LED lights with bottle opener. Push-button power button. Metal split keyring. Batteries...

    From£1.24 EACH