1. Car torch Magnet 167481

    Car torch Magnet
    Small torch with 3 LED lights. Flash and static light possible with magnets on the back. Handy to...

    From£1.16 EACH

  2. Flashlight in box 167445

    Flashlight in box
    Aluminum flashlight in case. LED lighting. Batteries included. Gift box included

    From£2.54 EACH

  3. Flexible Ruler 167501

    Flexible Ruler
    1 meter flexible PVC ruler.

    From£1.16 EACH

  4. Flexible Ruler 167502

    Flexible Ruler
    2 meter flexible PVC ruler

    From£1.79 EACH

  5. Floating Keyring 167752

    Floating Keyring
    Floatable keyring. Printing available by using tampo pad print.

    From£0.47 EACH

  6. Hobby Knife. 167355

    Hobby Knife.
    Hobby Knife. With 12 snap off blades. Clip attachment.

    From£0.28 EACH

  7. Hobby Knife Curve 188905

    Hobby Knife Curve
    Hobby knife in an elegant design with a safety stop.

    From£0.24 EACH

  8. Hobby Knife XXL 167358

    Hobby Knife XXL
    Hobby knife with 14 snap off blades. The XXL-version.

    From£0.49 EACH

  9. Keychain Light - opener 167437

    Keychain Light - opener
    Plastic keychain with bottle opener and LED light. Light can be operated by a push button....

    From£0.46 EACH

  10. Keychain Light-Up 167480

    Keychain Light-Up
    Keychain with light. Controled by a slide button and with 2 different light positions.

    From£0.72 EACH

  11. Keyring 167737

    Keyring with bottle opener.

    From£0.28 EACH

  12. Keyring Mini Ruler 167500

    Keyring Mini Ruler
    White, mini, flexible, plastic ruler on a keyring. Foldable 0.5m ruler.

    From£0.86 EACH