1. Clip-On Printed Polyester Tie 261291

    Clip-On Printed Polyester Tie
    Bespoke screen or digitally printed polyester clip-on ties are ideal when the personalised designs...

    From£5.09 EACH

  2. Clip-On Printed Silk Tie 261292

    Clip-On Printed Silk Tie
    Made from quality silk, our bespoke screen or digitally printed clip-on ties are ideal when the...

    From£8.48 EACH

  3. Clip-On Woven Micro Polyester Tie 261288

    Clip-On Woven Micro Polyester Tie
    For detailed bespoke designs, the fine weave of our clip-on micro polyester ties is an ideal...

    From£5.76 EACH

  4. Clip-On Woven Poly Silk Tie 261290

    Clip-On Woven Poly Silk Tie
    Combining a beautiful silk finish with practicality and cost-effectiveness, our bespoke poly silk...

    From£10.99 EACH

  5. Clip-On Woven Silk Tie 261289

    Clip-On Woven Silk Tie
    Made from luxurious woven silk, our bespoke clip-on ties are literally tailored for the needs of...

    From£12.45 EACH



  7. Polyester Bow Tie 261294

    Polyester Bow Tie
    Woven, screen printed or digitally printed polyester bow ties. Bespoke made to order incorporating...

    From£4.51 EACH

  8. Polyester Tie POLY TIE OFFSHORE-P

    Polyester Tie
    Offshore manufactured 9.5cm blade x 143cm long,set back mitre,acetate tipping, open both ends lined...


  9. Premier Colour Satin Tie PR750

    Premier Colour Satin Tie
    •Lustrous satin tie •Narrow blade of 8.5cm. 144cm long •Complements PR730 scarf Fabric: 100% Woven...


  10. Premier 'Colours' Satin Clip Tie PR755

    Premier 'Colours' Satin Clip Tie
    Lustrous satin clip tie. Narrow blade width, 3.34"/ 8.5cm. Made from OEKO-TEX Standard 100...


  11. Premier Mini Squares Tie PR768

    Premier Mini Squares Tie
    •Narrow blade width of 8.5cm •Length 144cm •Machine washable Fabric: 100% Polyester


  12. Premier Tie - four stripe PR762

    Premier Tie - four stripe
    A tie that repeats a pattern of four stripes contrasting in colour against the main body of the...