Tape Measures

  1. 5 Metre Professional Tape Measure 210163

    5 Metre Professional Tape Measure
    TT5 Tape Measures with an ergonomic rubber grip and a shock proof case. Is available in five...

    From£2.65 Each

  2. Keyring Tape Measure KTM01

    Keyring Tape Measure
    1m Metal Keyring Tape Measure with Silver Chrome Finish. Printed Up to 4 Colours on a Deluxe Dome...


  3. Liam 5M measuring tape 10449300

    Liam 5M measuring tape
    Liam 5M measuring tape. 5-meter measuring tape including belt clip and wrist strap. Shows...


  4. Magnum double tape, silver P113.001

    Magnum double tape, silver
    Magnum is a high quality 5m/19mm measuring tape in double graduation to measure horizontally and...


  5. Rotary 5 metre Tape Measure 4841

    Rotary 5 metre Tape Measure
    •Weight: 215.00 g. •Material: synthetic material •Length: 7.50 cm. •Height: 3.50 cm. •Width: 7.50...


  6. Slim Jim Tape on Keychain 702091

    Slim Jim Tape on Keychain
    Cloth tape on automatic keychain. Measures both imperial and metric. Extends to 1 metre.

    From£0.39 Each

  7. Tool Pro measuring tape P113.584

    Tool Pro measuring tape
    Measuring tape, red ABS case with black rubber grip, black belt clip, black stop button, black end...


  8. Tyvek Tape Measure 150369

    Tyvek  Tape Measure
    1.5 metre long untearable Tyvek material tape measure, 2.5 cm wide. Printed up to full colour along...

    From£0.66 Each

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