Scarfs & Gloves

  1. Acrylic gloves with touch tops on two fingers 160036

    Acrylic gloves with touch tops on two fingers
    Handle your smartphone and still have warm hands - this is no problem with these gloves made of...


  2. Acrylic knitted scarf 220864

    Acrylic knitted scarf
    Acrylic knitted scarf with embroidered label on side with matching colour stitching.

    From£5.15 EACH

  3. Bespoke Chiffon Infinity Scarf 211613

    Bespoke Chiffon Infinity Scarf
    30D Chiffon polyester ladies' Scarf. Up to 4 colour completely custom designs. Large variety of...

    From£9.81 Each

  4. Clique Functional Gloves 262493

    Clique Functional Gloves
    Functional sport gloves in polyester with decorative seams.


  5. Clique Mendon Scarf 262489

    Clique Mendon Scarf
    Heavy knitted scarf.


  6. Fan Scarf 212135

    Fan Scarf
    Polyester or Acrylic Scarf with Fringe. Size: 150x18cm. Perfect for Sports Events, Football Events...


  7. Official FIFA World Cup 2014 Jacquard Scarf 168544

    Official FIFA World Cup 2014 Jacquard Scarf
    100% Acrylic - Jacquard Scarf. Can't be dual branded.

    From£7.38 EACH

  8. Photo Scarf with Sublimation Digital Print POLSCTER

    Photo Scarf with Sublimation Digital Print
    These scarves are sublimation digitally printed products and can have multiple colours/photos etc....


  9. Polyester Scarf POLYESTER SCARF-P

    Polyester Scarf
    23cm x 137cm Standard Polyester Off Shore manufacturer Plain label, flat machine hem lead time: 4-5...


  10. Printed Silk Scarf (Square) 002115991

    Printed Silk Scarf (Square)
    Luxurious and stylish, our printed square silk scarfs are attractive products on their own, or can...

    From£24.90 EACH

  11. Suprafleece Scarf Embroidered 121845

    Suprafleece Scarf Embroidered
    Suprafleece Scarf perfect for adding and embroidered logo. Ultra thermal fabric Warmth without...

    From£5.24 EACH

  12. Tactile gloves for smartphone 220524

    Tactile gloves for smartphone
    Tactile gloves for smartphone in acrylic. The 3 tactile extremities of the fingers are composed of...

    From£2.84 EACH

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