Plastic Clocks

  1. Bianco Multi Function Clock 202213

    Bianco Multi Function Clock
    Brilliant white multi function clock. Great desk promotional item with name card and clip holder...

    From£2.67 Each

  2. Clock with calculator Twice 60180072

    Clock with calculator Twice
    One side displays time of day, date, day of the week and temperature and the other side turns out...

    From£4.20 EACH

  3. Desk Clock 108747

    Desk Clock
    Plastic Desk Clock with Alarm and Light Size: 100mm. Plastic Lens.

    From£10.09 EACH

  4. Desk Clock 108749

    Desk Clock
    Plastic Desk Clock. Size: 100mm. Plastic Lens. Alarm, Light

    From£6.28 EACH

  5. Electronic Setting Alarm Clock 20213739

    Electronic Setting Alarm Clock
    Folding black travel clock with crescendo alarm, snooze function and light.

    From£1.97 EACH

  6. Mini travel alarm clock 20541429

    Mini travel alarm clock
    REDUCED PRICE. Modern looking digital alarm clock with a large LED and snooze function.

    From£1.14 EACH

  7. Travel Alarm - Capsule Clock 20214031

    Travel Alarm - Capsule Clock
    Compact digital travel alarm clock with sliding front and mini stand. Available in orange and green.

    From£1.62 EACH

  8. Travel Alarm Clock 95246

    Travel Alarm Clock
    Square travel alarm clock. Analogue dial. Battery not included.

    From£0.79 EACH

  9. Travel alarm clock - Twist 20291412

    Travel alarm clock - Twist
    Metal framed LCD clock showing the time, date, day and month, 12/24 hour display format selectable,...

    From£2.28 EACH

  10. Travelling Clock "prague" 113416

    Travelling Clock
    The ideal companion for your journeys! You'll never sleep late again with this practical fold-away...


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