Pens (Marker)

  1. 8-piece marker set 273007

    8-piece marker set
    8 coloured markers in a polyester, zipped pouch with clip. Decoration not available on components....

    From£1.00 EACH

  2. Artip Flipchart Marker XXL 198413

    Artip Flipchart Marker XXL
    Choose great value for money with the ICO Artip Flipchart Marker XXL with water based ink used for...

    From£0.26 EACH

  3. Beatz retractable highlighter 116535

    Beatz retractable highlighter
    Retractable single colour highlighter. Internal closure allows for longer refill life. AS plastic

    From£0.43 EACH

  4. Bermuda triangle highlighter 187226

    Bermuda triangle highlighter
    Triangle shaped highlighter with chisel tip in yellow, pink and green. ABS plastic

    From£0.52 EACH

  5. Bitty highlighter 258210

    Bitty highlighter
    Single colour highlighter with removable cap. PP

    From£0.23 EACH

  6. Brush Pen Colour 002109660

    Brush Pen Colour
    The ICO Brush Pen is uniquely designed fibre pen filled with waterbased ink, suitable for...

    From£0.22 EACH

  7. Brush Pen XXl 002109661

    Brush Pen XXl
    The ICO Brush Pen XXL is uniquely designed, extra large fibre pen filled with water-based ink,...

    From£0.35 EACH

  8. ICO Board Eraser + 3 Markers 198421

    ICO Board Eraser + 3 Markers
    Completely unique design exclusive to ICO, this ICO Drywipe Whiteboard Eraser includes in the body...

    From£2.03 EACH

  9. ICO Multifunctional Whiteboard Magnetic Marker with Eraser 002109617

    ICO Multifunctional Whiteboard Magnetic Marker with Eraser
    The ICO Multifunctional Whiteboard Magnetic Marker & Eraser is a high quality long-lasting marker...

    From£0.66 EACH

  10. ICO PLAN White Board Marker 002109619

    ICO PLAN  White Board Marker
    The ICO Plan Whiteboard dry-wipe marker has a huge print area of 55 x 45mm. The comfortable design...

    From£0.33 EACH

  11. ICO Rainbow Fibre Pens 002109620

    ICO Rainbow Fibre Pens
    Fantastic value ICO marker pen available in a wide range of ink and body colour ways. This pen has...

    From£0.12 EACH

  12. ICO Video Tip Marker 002109662

    ICO Video Tip Marker
    The unique ICO Videotip Highlighter is assembled from 30% recycled coloured plastic parts and cut...

    From£0.25 EACH

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