metal pens

  1. Aladdin Soft Feel Ball Pen 310457

    Aladdin Soft Feel Ball Pen
    Outstanding value in softfeel ball pen produced in a classic style with a choice of vibrant...

    From£0.44 EACH

  2. Alicante Pencil 167262

    Alicante Pencil
    Stylish aluminum mechanical pencil (0.7 mm) With 2 rings in the body of the pen. Single name...

    From£0.65 EACH

  3. Ball pen Alicante Special 167231

    Ball pen Alicante Special
    Elegant aluminum pen. With two rings in the body of the pen as remarkable detail. Blue ink refill...

    From£0.45 EACH

  4. Ball pen Atlanta 167213

    Ball pen Atlanta
    Lacquered metal ball pen with chromed parts and rubbergrip in black or blue. Blue writing ink with...

    From£1.24 EACH

  5. Ball pen Marathon 167227

    Ball pen Marathon
    Metal ball pen. Glossy, with gold coloured parts and a rubber grip. Provided with a metal ink...

    From£1.51 EACH

  6. Ball pen Nautilus 167212

    Ball pen Nautilus
    Robust metal ball pen. Glossy with chromed parts. Blue writing ink with metal longlasting refill....

    From£1.63 EACH

  7. Ball pen Sienna 167216

    Ball pen Sienna
    A Toppoint design metal pen, provided with a metal refill (standard: blue ink). Twist mechanism and...

    From£1.00 EACH

  8. Ball pen Sienna 167217

    Ball pen Sienna
    Toppoint design metal ball pen with a black, rubber grip. Provided with a metal longlasting refill....

    From£0.75 EACH

  9. Ball pen Sienna Touch 167218

    Ball pen Sienna Touch
    Touchscreen ball pen out of the metal Sienna series. Designed by Toppoint! A twist mechanism and...

    From£1.12 EACH

  10. Ball pen Talagante 167236

    Ball pen Talagante
    Aluminum ball pen with 5 rings with silver finish. Single name engraving available from orders of...

    From£0.57 EACH

  11. Ball pen Topper 243031

    Ball pen Topper
    Metal ball coloured pen with chromed parts. Provided with a metal ink holder (standard: blue ink)....

    From£1.07 EACH

  12. Ball pen Two Stripes 167220

    Ball pen Two Stripes
    Aluminum ball pen with two stripes. Laser engraving possible. Blue refill.

    From£0.89 EACH

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