Mechanical Pencil

  1. 2001 Pencil 163418

    2001 Pencil
    Great value mechanical pencil with eraser.


  2. Ace Office Mechanical Pencil 242716

    Ace Office Mechanical Pencil
    A metal barrelled 0.7mm pencil with integral eraser, spare lead and comfort grip. Lead is...

    From£0.68 EACH

  3. Ballograf Rondo Pencil 173419

    Ballograf Rondo Pencil
    Quality Swedish mechanical pencil with cushion mechanism. Available with 0.5mm or 0.7mm leads....

    From£2.51 EACH

  4. BIC? Matic? Mechanical Pencil 177559

    BIC? Matic? Mechanical Pencil
    Stay sharp with this first-class mechanical pencil! It is solid and resistant, writes 2 1/2 times...

    From£0.44 Each

  5. Bowie Mechanical Pencil 002111733

    Bowie Mechanical Pencil
    Introducing the soft-touch Bowie mechanical pencil with contemporary gunmetal trim, exquisitely...

    From£1.37 EACH

  6. Crosby Shiny Mechanical Pencil 002115141

    Crosby Shiny Mechanical Pencil
    The Crosby Shiny Mechanical Pencil with 0.5mm refillable lead features a lacquer finish, polished...

    From£0.83 EACH

  7. Crosby Soft-Touch Mechanical Pencil 002112070

    Crosby Soft-Touch Mechanical Pencil
    This retractable pencil features a rubberised barrel, shiny chrome trim and an eraser hidden...

    From£0.89 EACH

  8. Ergo Soft Mechanical Pencil 292389

    Ergo Soft Mechanical Pencil
    The rubberised barrel of this aluminium mechanical pencil gives it an appealing soft feel. It...


  9. Hauser Tango Mechanical Pencil 260261

    Hauser Tango Mechanical Pencil
    Plastic mechanical pencil with durable 0.7mm Japanese lead. Includes two additional leads. Choose...


  10. ICO Omega Executive Mechanical Pencil 203198

    ICO Omega Executive Mechanical Pencil
    ICO offers you the smart, sleek and professional Omega Mechanical Pencil in attractive, bold...

    From£1.32 EACH

  11. Lysander Rose Gold Mechanical Pencil 310282

    Lysander Rose Gold Mechanical Pencil
    An elegant twist action 0.7mm pencil in high gloss with rose gold trim. The pencil can also be...

    From£3.09 EACH

  12. Papermate Dynogrip RT30 Ballpen 163403

    Papermate Dynogrip RT30 Ballpen
    Papermate retractable quality ball pen with rubber grip and metal clip.


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