1. 2in1 fleece blanket/pillow Radcliff 169953

    2in1 fleece blanket/pillow Radcliff
    Material: polar fleeceInformation:, size 180 x 120 cm, washablePrint Area: centered to one...


  2. 2-in-1 Juicer And Spiral Slicer 269703

    2-in-1 Juicer And Spiral Slicer
    Must have kitchen tool for a healthy lifestyle. Juicer and spiral slicer in one. With a twist it...

    From£8.31 EACH

  3. 2 Piece Wine Set 46761

    2 Piece Wine Set
    Wine set including a waitress knife and bottle stopper with pouring function. Presented in a gift...

    From£2.70 EACH

  4. 3-in-1 BBQ set 275562

    3-in-1 BBQ set
    All your BBQ tools within a handy handle. Brush the meat, prick your steak, flip your burger and...

    From£9.06 EACH

  5. 3-in-1 ice scraper 275561

    3-in-1 ice scraper
    Handy ice scraper with interchangeable triangle to remove snow, ice and condensation. The handle...

    From£1.13 EACH

  6. 3-in-1 Juicer & Mixer 269702

    3-in-1 Juicer & Mixer
    Juicer lets you turn fruits into healthy freshly squeezed juices a hand press for red fruit juices...

    From£5.39 EACH

  7. 3 piece appetiser set 218501

    3 piece appetiser set
    3 piece appetiser set.

    From£5.71 EACH

  8. 3-piece BBQ set 115864

    3-piece BBQ set
    3-piece BBQ set, consisting of high-quality barbecue tong, spatula and meat fork made of stainless...


  9. 3-piece BBQ set 115863

    3-piece BBQ set
    3-piece BBQ set, consisting of high-quality barbecue tong, spatula and meat fork made of stainless...


  10. 3-piece cocktail set 115698

    3-piece cocktail set
    3-piece chromed cocktail set in a brown box*.


  11. 3 Water Glasses 90280

    3 Water Glasses
    Classic marmalade style jar is now turned into a 35cl water glass. This set of is made from...

    From£10.19 EACH

  12. 4 Piece Cheese Gift Set 47258

    4 Piece Cheese Gift Set
    Wooden serving plate and 3 cheese knives including a cheese slicer knife with fork tip and a knife...

    From£10.80 EACH

  13. 4-piece Jumbo Steak Knives 116650

    4-piece Jumbo Steak Knives
    Tuck into your favourite cooked meats with ease using these tough steak knives. Supplied in a Jamie...

    From£17.32 EACH

  14. 5-piece Knife Block 46715

    5-piece Knife Block
    Knife block includes 11 cm paring knife 15 cm utility knife 19 cm chef's knife 20 cm carving knife...

    From£80.29 EACH

  15. 600D polyester shoe bag 115486

    600D polyester shoe bag
    High-quality 600D polyester shoe bag with a practical nylon adherent.


  16. 7-piece Measuring Set 273072

    7-piece Measuring Set
    Measuring set includes 0.5liter container with a lid that offers Strain Pour or Close options....

    From£2.13 EACH

  17. Adhesive ribbon in dispenser 159958

    Adhesive ribbon in dispenser
    Adhesive ribbon band dispenser with Xmas theme. Beautify your presents with this Christmassy...


  18. Airplane 288148

    High quality airplane model made of aluminum. An absolute eye-catcher in the living / dining room...

    From£67.35 EACH

  19. Airtight box 303608

    Airtight box
    Airtight box.

    From£1.59 EACH

  20. Airtight box 261120

    Airtight box
    Airtight box.

    From£1.26 EACH

  21. Airtight box 261123

    Airtight box
    Airtight box.

    From£1.25 EACH

  22. ALEX 220668

    5 colourful kitchen tools: spatula, ladle, spoon, tongs and whisk.

    From£9.74 EACH

  23. AluLite lighter 298853

    AluLite lighter
    Aluminum, quality refillable lighter with adjustable flame. (see also 4467, this is the same item...

    From£2.80 EACH

  24. ANISE 184964

    Set of 2 napkin rings

    From£2.27 EACH

  25. Antipasti Serving Board 148825

    Antipasti Serving Board
    An iconic Jamie Oliver serving board perfect for breads antipasti or cheese. Exclusive design....

    From£19.75 EACH

  26. Anti-slip pad Santana 170008

    Anti-slip pad Santana
    Material: PUInformation: Clean under running waterBranding Method: pad printingPrint Area: centered...


  27. Apple cutter Apple Valley 170030

    Apple cutter Apple Valley
    Material: plastic, stainless steelBranding Method: pad printingPrint Area: on to the rimPacked in...


  28. Apron 158725


    From£0.69 EACH

  29. Apron 158721


    From£1.76 EACH

  30. Apron 158723


    From£3.08 EACH

  31. Apron 298813

    Cotton apron (130g/m) with pocket.

    From£4.29 EACH

  32. Apron 185017


    From£0.63 EACH

  33. Aquarium small 159929

    Aquarium small
    Aquarium with a panorama back board, illumination, two oxygen pumps, several accessories and 220V...


  34. Arica Pot Holder 156440

    Arica Pot Holder
    Cotton pot holder. One side with diamond pattern the other side is kept plain for decoration. Cotton

    From£0.72 EACH

  35. AutoMug mug 298855

    AutoMug mug
    Stackable mug made of high quality ceramic. Capacity 210 ml.

    From£2.10 EACH

  36. Baking set Faro 179255

    Baking set Faro
    Material: silicone, cardboardBranding Method: screen printingPrint Area: on to one...


  37. BALMORAL 220419

    100 % acrylic blanket with tartan design with PVC belt holder.

    From£12.09 EACH

  38. BambooBoard chopping board 298843

    BambooBoard chopping board
    Quality bamboo chopping board with a circular groove for meat and/or fruit juices. Each piece in a...

    From£8.93 EACH

  39. Bamboo chopping board with knife 159975

    Bamboo chopping board with knife
    High-quality set consisting of a massive chopping board made of bamboo and a large bread knife made...


  40. Bamboo pepper mill Alba 169958

    Bamboo pepper mill Alba
    Material: bambooInformation: ceramic grinderBranding Method: laser engravingEngraving Area: below...


  41. Bamboo salad servers Capua 169956

    Bamboo salad servers Capua
    Material: bambooBranding Method: laser engravingEngraving Area: on to one handleNote: Please note...


  42. BambooServing 298867

    Beautiful bamboo serving board. With loop and finishing top layer of vegetarian soybean oil. Each...

    From£7.44 EACH

  43. Bar apron 158724

    Bar apron
    Bar apron.

    From£3.06 EACH

  44. Bar apron 158729

    Bar apron
    Bar apron.

    From£2.44 EACH

  45. Barbecue set 158469

    Barbecue set
    Barbecue set.

    From£6.84 EACH

  46. Barbecue set 158470

    Barbecue set
    Barbecue set.

    From£11.46 EACH

  47. Barlot 2-piece Digital Wine Set 273060

    Barlot 2-piece Digital Wine Set
    Serving wine at the right temperature with the digital wine thermometer. The wine ring makes sure...

    From£7.20 EACH

  48. Barola Wine Writer Set 273061

    Barola Wine Writer Set
    A fun two piece wine glass gift set with gold colour ink glass decorator the ideal way for guests...

    From£12.61 EACH