1. 1W outdoor light 259020

    1W outdoor light
    Outdoor camping light with 1W led light that provides up to 40 lumens. Made from ABS and...

    From£2.61 EACH

  2. Pull lamp keychain 187810

    Pull lamp keychain
    Light up your room, garage or camping spot with this 1W white LED Pull lamp. Hang it anywhere you...

    From£1.77 EACH

  3. Push lamp 250153

    Push lamp
    Light up your desk, room or kitchen with this white LED push lamp. Place it anywhere you want and...

    From£5.87 EACH

  4. Triangle mini lantern 295245

    Triangle mini lantern
    Triangle shaped lantern made out of durable ABS material. The lantern has a collapsible hook that...

    From£1.62 EACH

  5. Twist lamp 219197

    Twist lamp
    Light up your table, garden or party with this easy to use twist lamp. Simply twist the lamp to...

    From£1.66 EACH

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