Laser Pointers

  1. Basov Laser Presenter 47108

    Basov Laser Presenter
    Compact laser presenter with an effective laser distance of 50 metres. Battery included. Metal

    From£8.84 EACH

  2. Laser Pointer Pen with Stylus 129328

    Laser Pointer Pen with Stylus
    This 3 in 1 stylus pen designed to work on all capacitive touch screens - iPod, iPhone, iPod Touch,...


  3. Plastic (ABS) laser pointer 326100

    Plastic (ABS) laser pointer
    Plastic (ABS) laser pointer with USB connection.

    From£12.84 EACH

  4. Plastic laser pen and presenter with receiver 262703

    Plastic laser pen and presenter with receiver
    Plastic laser pen (Class 1) and presenter to navigate through your presentation. With rounded...

    From£11.60 EACH

  5. Point,03 APP laser pointer & presenter 155100

    Point03 APP laser pointer & presenter
    Point,03 is an APP controlled laser pointer & presenter giving you full control over your...

    From£14.15 EACH

  6. Usb Laser 117662

    Usb Laser
    A first rate dual purpose USB stick in a sleek design. The memory stick is available in all memory...


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