Promotional Keyrings, Customized Key rings and Printed Keychains

What marketing giveaway is affordable and valuable at the same time? Key rings. We've got to have them so why not give them? Printed key chains do more than chain keys: they are something to play with. How about a maze keychain or a flashlight tool keychain? Or a floating keychain for your boating customers? Custom key chains will keep your name handy and your customers in touch. Affordable as well as valuable, promotional key chains remain popular because they are something everyone needs, uses, and wants. Have a question? Can't find the right promotional product or custom printed item? Give us a call at 01260 278657, we'd love to help!

  1. 100% Recycled Trolley Coin Keyring 265910

    100% Recycled Trolley Coin Keyring
    100% Recycled

    From£0.23 EACH

  2. 12-Sided House Trolley Coin 333069

    12-Sided House Trolley Coin
    Metal 12-sided trolley coin stored in a housed shaped holder. When not in use the trolley coin is...

    From£2.68 EACH

  3. 12-Sided Oval Trolley Coin 332531

    12-Sided Oval Trolley Coin
    Oval aluminium 12-sided trolley coin with detachable carabiner clip and split ring attachment.

    From£0.96 EACH

  4. 12- sided trolley coin 333068

    12- sided trolley coin
    Metal 12-sided trolley coin keyring with detachable carabiner and supplied with a split ring...

    From£0.53 EACH

  5. 2D PVC keyring 35451

    2D PVC keyring
    Cut to any shape within 50mm with upto 4 moulded PVC spot colours. Split ring and chain fitting

    From£0.42 EACH

  6. 2D Soft PVC Keychain 152299

    2D Soft PVC Keychain
    40mm 2D Soft PVC keychain with upto 4 spot colour design on 1 side. Fitted with split ring and...


  7. 2d Soft Pvc Keyrings 50mm 150204

    2d Soft Pvc Keyrings 50mm
    Our Soft PVC Keyrings are custom shaped and either 2D or 3D dependant on design. The soft PVC is...


  8. 30mm Keyring - Recycled - Made in the UK 212160

    30mm Keyring - Recycled - Made in the UK
    30mm round keyring made in the UK from 100% recycled plastic. printed up to full colour using a...

    From£0.16 EACH

  9. 38mm Keyring 31021

    38mm Keyring
    38mm Keyring with Snake Chain Fitting.

    From£95.93 EACH

  10. 3d Bell Keyring 245695

    3d Bell Keyring
    silver chrome plated finish with engraving tag

    From£3.99 EACH

  11. 3D Football Shirt Keyring - Recycled 162800

    3D Football Shirt Keyring - Recycled
    3D shirt shaped keyring (with relief detail), perfect for Rugby or Football, made in the UK from...

    From£0.46 EACH

  12. 3d Laser Engraved Keyrings 7023513

    3d Laser Engraved Keyrings
    3D laser engraved keyring

    From£4.72 EACH

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