Household Items

  1. Basic 3D Lamps 473

    Basic 3D Lamps


  2. Bottle 8-in-1 kitchen tool 289944

    Bottle 8-in-1 kitchen tool
    8 in 1 kitchen tool where all parts stack together shaped like a bottle. Includes lemon squeezer,...

    From£5.39 EACH

  3. Ceramic Christmas Ornament 247436

    Ceramic Christmas Ornament
    Ceramic hanging ornament for your Christmas tree. Ceramic. 26g

    From£2.24 EACH

  4. Charlston Hand Warmer Hot Pack 306805

    Charlston Hand Warmer Hot Pack
    Keep Your Hands Warm in Cold Winter Time with Knitted Cover Heat Pad. Minimum Quantity: 50.


  5. Christmas Hat 211819

    Christmas Hat
    Get into the festive spirit with this traditional . Felt. 17g

    From£0.43 EACH

  6. Dressing bottle 289945

    Dressing bottle
    Dress your salads, marinate your meats or dress any of your favourite foods with the Jamie Oliver ....

    From£8.57 EACH

  7. Festi 5-piece drink dispenser set 289941

    Festi 5-piece drink dispenser set
    Glass drinks dispenser for serving cold beverages. Features a large opening with screw on lid for...

    From£13.27 EACH

  8. Fruit infusion pitcher 289940

    Fruit infusion pitcher
    Enjoy homemade flavour infused water. BPA free carafe. Volume is 2L. Presented in an Avenue gift...

    From£9.90 EACH

  9. Full Colour Cushion (Small) C5302

    Full Colour Cushion (Small)
    Our personalised cusions are hugely popular with hotels and bars wanting to presents a relaxed and...


  10. Hot Water Bottle 161803

    Hot Water Bottle
    Warm Cuddly Hot Water Bottle. Capacity Approx. 550ml. Logo Printed on Centre of Cover.


  11. Lane carafe 289942

    Lane carafe
    Lane carafe with glass set. Slim design carafe with cork lid. The volume of the carafe is 1L....

    From£10.80 EACH

  12. Lani candle 289943

    Lani candle
    Lani candle with lid. Enhance any room with the relaxing light of a candle. Lani glass candle...

    From£10.19 EACH

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