1. Advent Calendar 131850

    Advent Calendar
    Traditional advents - Filled with 24 milk chocolates. (75g) The outer packaging printed full colour...


  2. Branded Apple 209551

    Branded Apple
    An apple branded using an edible paste in blue or white. Green apples would be either Granny Smiths...


  3. Branded Beans 149102

    Branded Beans
    BRANDED BEANS Branded chocolate beans in a sliding blister pack/box filled with 9pcs of white...


  4. Candy Bag 187029

    Candy Bag
    CANDY BAG WITH SWEETS SWEET TALKING SUGAR COATED CANDY BAGS. Playful retro designs of colourful...

    From£1.02 EACH

  5. Candy Cable 286913

    Candy Cable
    A clear heat seal pack contain 100g candy cables. Flavours available: apple (green) liquorice twist...


  6. Candy Pot - Gourmet Beans - Small 267617

    Candy Pot - Gourmet Beans - Small
    SMALL CANDY POT WITH GOURMET JELLY BEANS Delicious gourmet Jelly Beans in a range of colours and...

    From£1.35 EACH

  7. Candy Pot - Sweets - Large 267624

    Candy Pot - Sweets - Large
    LARGE CANDY POT WITH SWEETS BRITISH made in RECYCLABLE Aluminium screw lid jar. Full colour digital...

    From£1.88 EACH

  8. Candy Tube 002107875

    Candy Tube
    CANDY TUBE WITH SWEETS :: BRITISH MADE Recycled Plastic Tube Filled with a delicious sweet...

    From£4.07 EACH

  9. Capri Sun Drink 304988

    Capri Sun Drink
    200ml Capri Sun drink in original packaging with straw. Flavours available: orange, coke or multi...


  10. Cereal Bar 131816

    Cereal Bar
    Individually Wrapped Multi-grain with Raisins. Minimum Quantity: 600. Soft Milk option also...


  11. Chai Latte Sachet 304989

    Chai Latte Sachet
    12g sachet of organic Chai latte powder. White sachet printed digitally


  12. Coffee Sachet 149101

    Coffee Sachet
    COFFEE SACHET 2.5g Instant Coffee sachet in white or trans rectangular foil. Printed 1- 4 colour...