Desk Calendars

  1. A5 Easel Calendar 110474

    A5 Easel Calendar
    A5 desk easel calendar 12 individual monthly sheets and 1 cover sheet complete with board mailing...

    From£3.41 EACH

  2. Acrylic Calendar Coaster 291084

    Acrylic Calendar Coaster
    Reverse printed, clear acrylic, 1.5mm thick acrylic calendar coaster with high quality felt backing...

    From£2.09 EACH

  3. BESPOKE CALENDARS Desk and Wall 203923

    Bespoke Calendars of all descriptions. Desk Calendars, Wall Calendars, Memo Calendars, Shipping...


  4. Bespoke Desk Calendar 150854

    Bespoke Desk Calendar
    Desk calendar featuring images from our gallery or customer's own.

    From£2.25 EACH

  5. Bespoke Desk Calenders MIN BESPOKE DESK

    Porttrait mini bespoke desk calenders


  6. Bespoke Mini Desk Calenders MINIBESPOKEDESK

    Bespoke Mini Desk Calenders


  7. Blocks Perpetual Calendar 225943

    Blocks Perpetual Calendar
    Acrylic perpetual calendar shows month and date. Simply rotate blocks to show correct date.


  8. Calendarpod 149556

    Hardback cover contains 12 pictorial or bespoke calendar inserts, one A7 (100 x 75mm) 50 sheet...

    From£2.26 Each

  9. Calendarpod Mini 210740

    Calendarpod Mini
    Mini hardback calendarpod contains 12 standard calendar inserts, one 50 sheet (60 x 75mm) sticky...

    From£2.27 Each

  10. CD 1 & 2 Desk Calendar CD 1 & 2

    CD 1 & 2 Desk Calendar
    Size of calendar: 118 x 137mm •Advert area: 111 x 24mm (CD1) or 52 x 46mm (CD2) •Picture area: 111...


  11. CD Case Desk Calendar 002105718

    CD Case Desk Calendar
    12 individual monthly sheets, plus front cover, printed using standard library images or bespoke...

    From£1.52 Each

  12. CD Case Desk Calendar 110473

    CD Case Desk Calendar
    CD case desk calendar with 12 individual monthly sheets and 1 cover sheet that can have standard...

    From£1.71 EACH