Book Marks & Book Accessories

  1. Aeroplane Metal Boomark EC019

    Aeroplane Metal Boomark
    Fine Silver Plated Aeroplane Bookmark in Presentation Box (80mm x 90mm)


  2. Billbo Badges 70318347

    Billbo Badges
    3D characters in brightly coloured foam with a full colour printed recycled card t-shirt and sticky...

    From£0.24 Each

  3. Bomler Wood Bookmark & Ruler AP718058

    Bomler Wood Bookmark & Ruler
    BOMLER WOOD BOOKMARK & RULER. Wood Bookmark with 11cm Ruler. Minimum Quantity: 1500.


  4. Eco Tags - Ruler / Bookmark ECO TAGS

    Eco Tags - Ruler / Bookmark
    This range of products is 100% recycleable and is available in PP (Polypropylene). You are able to...


  5. logo bug bookmark BUGS-book

    logo bug bookmark


  6. Magnetic Folding Bookmark M-FB

    Magnetic Folding Bookmark
    Printed Full Colour Inside & Out with Magnetic Page Holders. Minimum Quantity: 100.


  7. Mini Markers MINIMARKERS

    Mini Markers
    A magnetic Mini Marker bookmark where the top 3rd folds over and is held closed by 2 small magnets....


  8. Plastic Magnifier 300124040

    Plastic Magnifier
    Plastic magnifier which clips onto paper. Good size print area.

    From£0.49 Each

  9. Temperature Gauge Bookmark TGBM

    Temperature Gauge Bookmark
    Card bookmarks printed full colour on one or two sides, laminated and finished with a temperature...


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