Bathroom Accessories

  1. Alden Bath & Body Set 247394

    Alden Bath & Body Set
    This gift set is made up of 250ml of shower gel and 250ml of body lotion. Both in a soft white...

    From£8.84 EACH

  2. bathroom scale Diet 236292

    bathroom scale Diet
    Digital bathroom scale with tempered glass platform. Capacity: 180 kg graduation 0 1 kg. With...

    From£11.95 EACH

  3. Clifford Care Set 247395

    Clifford Care Set
    Care gift set which contains a pouch with 10ml of white cotton fragrance hand cream and several...

    From£4.43 EACH

  4. Duck & Starfish Bath Thermometer 54575

    Duck & Starfish Bath Thermometer
    The Duck floats in the bath and lets you know with the temperature sensitive strip if the bath...

    From£1.00 EACH

  5. Eco Booster Coach 259127

    Eco Booster Coach
    German engineered water saver for use in the shower. Once under the shower you get a reduced water...

    From£11.42 EACH

  6. kitchen scale Bean 237177

    kitchen scale Bean
    Digital kitchen scale capacity: 3kg graduation 1g measurement units: kg/g/oz/lb. Operates with 2...

    From£9.72 EACH

  7. kitchen scale Mousse 236293

    kitchen scale Mousse
    Digital kitchen scale with tempered glass surface. Capacity: 5 kg graduation 1 g measurement units:...

    From£8.46 EACH

  8. Mini Shower Coach 74911

    Mini Shower Coach
    Hourglass with suction cup on postcard.

    From£0.97 EACH

  9. Nylon ripstop (210D) toiletry bag. 262690

    Nylon ripstop (210D) toiletry bag.
    Nylon ripstop (210D) toiletry bag with one removable zipped pouch which is attached with Velcro, a...


  10. PILL BOX CUTTER 8078

    Pill box cutter


  11. Shower Speaker 269803

    Shower Speaker
    WATERPROOF SHOWER SPEAKER. Bluetooth Speaker we suction cap. Power: 3W. Battery: 400mAh.


  12. Timo Shower Coach 74914

    Timo Shower Coach
    Save up to twenty thousand litres of heated water per year by using Timo the eco friendly acrylic...

    From£3.47 EACH

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